Marvel Comics

What Series Are Marvel Comics Best Sellers?

Marvel Comics has sold many great comics over the years. These include appealing comic series featuring many of the most unique superheroes around. This listing of some of the best-selling series that Marvel Comics has made over the years includes some astounding series featuring some of the most memorable characters in the history of the medium.


The X-Men have sold nearly 270 million comics around the world since 1963 when they were first introduced. The Uncanny X-Men have proven themselves to be hits with many people as they entail many mutants who are looking to help the world even as the rest of society shuns them. People have their own favorite X-Men too including Wolverine, Cyclops, Rogue, Gambit and Mystique among many others.

Captain America

When super soldier Steve Rogers was introduced to the world in the 1940s, it became clear that Captain America was a huge star. His strong will and his ability to fight for the American way of life have helped him sell 210 million comic books around the world. Of course, his brilliant circular shield is a big part of what makes him stand out over so many others. Captain America has also been important to the Marvel universe as many of his stories have close parallels to many events that take place in the real world, thus making him a truly important character.

The Amazing Spider-Man

The great part of the Spider-Man series is that it has inspired many people since it first came about in 1962. The stories of Peter Parker managing his daily life while also being the incredibly web-slinging superhero makes his a popular character that people of all sorts can relate to. The strong acrobatic skills that Peter brings out and the unique villains that haunt New York add to the intrigue of the series. The popularity of the comics have prompted several movies featuring the character to be created as well as multiple animated series over the years.

The Incredible Hulk

Bruce Banner was also introduced to the world in 1962. He has remained a huge star in the Marvel series as the Incredible Hulk. His ability to grow into a massive monster with incredible physical strength makes him one of the more outstanding characters to see in the Marvel line of comics. The character is so famous that he once inspired his own live-action television show.

Star Wars

Marvel has recently acquired the rights to the Star Wars name for various comics that take place within the Star Wars universe. The series has grown to include many special variants including the Doctor Aphra and Captain Phasma series. These comics add to the great Star Wars lore and continue to be huge sellers today. Some of these more recent comics have especially been essential for highlighting some of the things people will expect to see in future Star Wars movies. With move of these films coming out in the future, it is widely expected that the Star Wars series will continue to grow in popularity.

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