Stan Lee

Stanley Martin Lieber, also called Stan Lee is an American comic-book editor, writer, publisher, producer and film executive who was born on 28th December 1922 in New York City. He is 1.8m, that is, 5’11” and is nicknamed “The Man Generalissimo”. He was the executive publisher and vice president of Marvel Comics after being its editor-in-chief.

Early Life and Childhood

Stan Lee was born to Jack Lieber and Cecilia Lieber, who were immigrants from Romanian-born Jewish. Having been competent as a dress cutter, his father worked from inconsistently following the Great Depression. His family lived in a single bedroom apartment as a result of financial difficulties. Stan joined the Dewitt Clinton High School in the Bronx. While studying, he took up small jobs like working as an office boy, writing epitaphs for news services and writing media announcements for the National Tuberculosis Center.

Personal Life

Stan married Joan Boocock Clayton in 1947, and for the initial years of their matrimony, both lived on Long Island. The two had a daughter who died in infancy and currently another daughter called Joan Celia who was born in 1950 and who is now an actress and a model. Stan underwent an operation that aimed at inserting a pacemaker. This led to cancellations of a number of his appearances at different conventions. On 6th July 2017, his wife of nearly 70 years, Joan, died of stroke complications.


As a child, Stan’s life was significantly impacted by watching movies and reading. This was so much so that he dreamt of one-day writing “The Great American Novel”. He was given work after his graduation in 1939 as an office subordinate and later became an interim editor at Timely Comics. Stan was sixteen and half years old at this time and his uncle, Robbie Solomon, helped him land this job. It was during this job when he was named Stan Lee, a pseudonym, which sooner or later became his name legally.

Key Works

Stan is an admired creator for the comic-books. Stan’s most famous work is said to be the creation of superheroes team ‘The Fantastic Four’ with his partner Jack Kirby in the early 1960s. This led to his breakthrough which was accelerated when he co-launched superheroes such as; X-Men, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man for Marvel Comics, formerly known as Timely Comics. Stan consequently steered to the growth of Marvel Comics from a division that was a small publishing house to a huge multimedia organization. After his innovation contribution to the comic’s world, he has won awards comprising of Hollywood Walk of Fame, Scream Awards, Producers Guild of America, Saturn Awards, Visual Effects Society Awards, and National Media of Arts. Stan follows writers like Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Arthur Conan Doyle and Mark Twain. In addition to this, he is a fan of Bruce Lee films.

Recently, Stan has persistently tried to seize his past glories. He has been coming up with a new line of publishing, Stan Lee’s Kids Universe, which focuses on the production of comics and it aims at the younger viewers. Despite most of his efforts collapsing amidst lawsuits and dodgy headlines, he has also written his autobiography and sponsored the Los Angeles Comikaze Expo. Stan Lee is the only actor to have appeared in all Marvel Cinematic Universe Films.



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