DC Comics Best Sellers


DC is much more than that T-shirt you have with a comic hero print. DC is probably second if not first in the comic industry. It owns Superman and Batman who are today’s iconic comic characters. DC has produced many comics with some of them making it to the best sellers list. Even though the company has not been in touch with the public lately, they still have hardcore fans picking these bestselling comics.

Man of steel

In this comic written and illustrated John Bryne, comic fans get nostalgia. Superman’s abilities are reduced to a believable level. The Superboy concept is abolished as we see Lex Luthor undertaking unscrupulous business deals. Clark Kent ends up being a full-time character. The new look hero makes it easier for Superman fans all over the world to see the true nature of Superman. This is why it’s still one of the greatest Superman comics.

The Killing Joke

Who would disagree that this isn’t one of the most brilliant comics? It’s filled with uncomfortable moments and there is so much suspense, you forget what to expect. In this title, Alan Moore shows that Batman does more than punching a crazy clown. We see that they have much in common. We see the Joker revealing his true character in unimaginable ways. This comic is simply a blend of terror, action and a beautiful narration style.

Teen Titans

It’s not well known that this comic was at one time the best-selling one by DC. Marv Wolfman filled this comic with action and betrayal when he was writing it. Deathstroke, who we know as the Terminator, picks on the Titans one at a time. It’s shocking knowing that one of the Titans sided with him in taking out fellow Titans., We see ugly betrayal and crime fighting.

The new frontier

Who knew that the heroes in this title would form the Justice League? Darwyn Cooke goes ahead to show us how the DC characters fight a living island. In this, we see the true nature of Green Lantern, Flash, and other heroes. They leave behind their personality clashes and form one team together with other heroes. I wonder if we’ll ever get something better than Darwyn’s masterpiece.

Kingdom Come

There is a thin line between becoming the hero and being the villain. A new generation of vigilantes is using controversial means to keep crime away. We are stuck in a bloody war. Who shall we lean on when Superman goes to the fortress of Solitude? He comes back to show the upcoming heroes what it takes to become an icon. Even though this was a big budget book, Mark Waid paints DC Heroes with a golden brush through his superior storytelling skills.

The Dark Knight returns

I do not think there is a comic book fan who hasn’t heard of this masterpiece. This revolutionary title takes the trophy for the best superhero story. This book is filled with political commentary while criticizing the society. Batman is depicted as an aging hero. He has to confront the lunatic Joker as well as Two-Face. This book reveals Batman’s characters in a creative manner.


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