Comics vs. Anime

What Is the Difference Between a Comic Book and Anime?

It is intriguing to see how eastern and western culture are different from one another. This can particularly be seen in comic books and anime. The two are similar in that they entail animated drawings that tell unique narrative stories. But there are a few points to notice that make the two different. Much of this comes from how these are created in general.

The Basic Concept

An anime, or manga as it is known in its print format, is generally designed to be the basis for an animated program in Japan or Korea among other Asian countries. Not all manga books become full-motion anime programs. But they do work in relation to many stories of interest to people.

A comic book is different as it features a story that is often independent from other forms of entertainment although it could be made into a movie or television program.

How Big Are the Books?

Comic books and anime both come in various sizes. They both have individual series that involve several issues or volumes prepared in order to tell a full-length story. But the ways how those stories are told can vary.

Comic books are typically a few dozen pages in length each. They can combine with many issues in a series to produce a full story.

Manga is different as many books are made in full-length designs. A single issue might come with a hundred pages or more. That issue would have to be paired with many other books that are released.

There is no real timetable for when manga issues are to be released either. Manga can be released at any time while comic books are typically released once a month or even every two months. In other words, manga can be released at any time while comic books are designed to be released at particular intervals so people know when to expect them.

How They Are Read

Comic books are read from left to right like most other books. Anime or manga is read from right to left. This is actually on par with how many books in Asia are published.

What About Colors?

Comic books are typically made in full color. Anime books are often in black and white. This is an intriguing aspect of how these two forms of entertainment are made as there are often cases where a comic book might be a little more illustrative or descriptive. But much of this is thanks to how a comic book typically comes with a larger crew.

Who Makes It?

A comic book requires a colorist, a letter artist, a writer and many other figures to make the work stand out. This especially works given that the production is in full color.

Manga productions require a much smaller crew. A mangaka is typically around to produce such a work. This person is an author and illustrator alike. Sometimes people have to be trained to work as mangakas for specific series so it becomes easier for them to know how to produce good comics and to keep the appearance of a story as consistent as possible.



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