Marvel Comics

What Series Are Marvel Comics Best Sellers?

Marvel Comics has sold many great comics over the years. These include appealing comic series featuring many of the most unique superheroes around. This listing of some of the best-selling series that Marvel Comics has made over the years includes some astounding series featuring some of the most memorable characters in the history of the medium.


The X-Men have sold nearly 270 million comics around the world since 1963 when they were first introduced. The Uncanny X-Men have proven themselves to be hits with many people as they entail many mutants who are looking to help the world even as the rest of society shuns them. People have their own favorite X-Men too including Wolverine, Cyclops, Rogue, Gambit and Mystique among many others.

Captain America

When super soldier Steve Rogers was introduced to the world in the 1940s, it became clear that Captain America was a huge star. His strong will and his ability to fight for the American way of life have helped him sell 210 million comic books around the world. Of course, his brilliant circular shield is a big part of what makes him stand out over so many others. Captain America has also been important to the Marvel universe as many of his stories have close parallels to many events that take place in the real world, thus making him a truly important character.

The Amazing Spider-Man

The great part of the Spider-Man series is that it has inspired many people since it first came about in 1962. The stories of Peter Parker managing his daily life while also being the incredibly web-slinging superhero makes his a popular character that people of all sorts can relate to. The strong acrobatic skills that Peter brings out and the unique villains that haunt New York add to the intrigue of the series. The popularity of the comics have prompted several movies featuring the character to be created as well as multiple animated series over the years.

The Incredible Hulk

Bruce Banner was also introduced to the world in 1962. He has remained a huge star in the Marvel series as the Incredible Hulk. His ability to grow into a massive monster with incredible physical strength makes him one of the more outstanding characters to see in the Marvel line of comics. The character is so famous that he once inspired his own live-action television show.

Star Wars

Marvel has recently acquired the rights to the Star Wars name for various comics that take place within the Star Wars universe. The series has grown to include many special variants including the Doctor Aphra and Captain Phasma series. These comics add to the great Star Wars lore and continue to be huge sellers today. Some of these more recent comics have especially been essential for highlighting some of the things people will expect to see in future Star Wars movies. With move of these films coming out in the future, it is widely expected that the Star Wars series will continue to grow in popularity.

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DC Comics Best Sellers


DC is much more than that T-shirt you have with a comic hero print. DC is probably second if not first in the comic industry. It owns Superman and Batman who are today’s iconic comic characters. DC has produced many comics with some of them making it to the best sellers list. Even though the company has not been in touch with the public lately, they still have hardcore fans picking these bestselling comics.

Man of steel

In this comic written and illustrated John Bryne, comic fans get nostalgia. Superman’s abilities are reduced to a believable level. The Superboy concept is abolished as we see Lex Luthor undertaking unscrupulous business deals. Clark Kent ends up being a full-time character. The new look hero makes it easier for Superman fans all over the world to see the true nature of Superman. This is why it’s still one of the greatest Superman comics.

The Killing Joke

Who would disagree that this isn’t one of the most brilliant comics? It’s filled with uncomfortable moments and there is so much suspense, you forget what to expect. In this title, Alan Moore shows that Batman does more than punching a crazy clown. We see that they have much in common. We see the Joker revealing his true character in unimaginable ways. This comic is simply a blend of terror, action and a beautiful narration style.

Teen Titans

It’s not well known that this comic was at one time the best-selling one by DC. Marv Wolfman filled this comic with action and betrayal when he was writing it. Deathstroke, who we know as the Terminator, picks on the Titans one at a time. It’s shocking knowing that one of the Titans sided with him in taking out fellow Titans., We see ugly betrayal and crime fighting.

The new frontier

Who knew that the heroes in this title would form the Justice League? Darwyn Cooke goes ahead to show us how the DC characters fight a living island. In this, we see the true nature of Green Lantern, Flash, and other heroes. They leave behind their personality clashes and form one team together with other heroes. I wonder if we’ll ever get something better than Darwyn’s masterpiece.

Kingdom Come

There is a thin line between becoming the hero and being the villain. A new generation of vigilantes is using controversial means to keep crime away. We are stuck in a bloody war. Who shall we lean on when Superman goes to the fortress of Solitude? He comes back to show the upcoming heroes what it takes to become an icon. Even though this was a big budget book, Mark Waid paints DC Heroes with a golden brush through his superior storytelling skills.

The Dark Knight returns

I do not think there is a comic book fan who hasn’t heard of this masterpiece. This revolutionary title takes the trophy for the best superhero story. This book is filled with political commentary while criticizing the society. Batman is depicted as an aging hero. He has to confront the lunatic Joker as well as Two-Face. This book reveals Batman’s characters in a creative manner.


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Comics vs. Anime

What Is the Difference Between a Comic Book and Anime?

It is intriguing to see how eastern and western culture are different from one another. This can particularly be seen in comic books and anime. The two are similar in that they entail animated drawings that tell unique narrative stories. But there are a few points to notice that make the two different. Much of this comes from how these are created in general.

The Basic Concept

An anime, or manga as it is known in its print format, is generally designed to be the basis for an animated program in Japan or Korea among other Asian countries. Not all manga books become full-motion anime programs. But they do work in relation to many stories of interest to people.

A comic book is different as it features a story that is often independent from other forms of entertainment although it could be made into a movie or television program.

How Big Are the Books?

Comic books and anime both come in various sizes. They both have individual series that involve several issues or volumes prepared in order to tell a full-length story. But the ways how those stories are told can vary.

Comic books are typically a few dozen pages in length each. They can combine with many issues in a series to produce a full story.

Manga is different as many books are made in full-length designs. A single issue might come with a hundred pages or more. That issue would have to be paired with many other books that are released.

There is no real timetable for when manga issues are to be released either. Manga can be released at any time while comic books are typically released once a month or even every two months. In other words, manga can be released at any time while comic books are designed to be released at particular intervals so people know when to expect them.

How They Are Read

Comic books are read from left to right like most other books. Anime or manga is read from right to left. This is actually on par with how many books in Asia are published.

What About Colors?

Comic books are typically made in full color. Anime books are often in black and white. This is an intriguing aspect of how these two forms of entertainment are made as there are often cases where a comic book might be a little more illustrative or descriptive. But much of this is thanks to how a comic book typically comes with a larger crew.

Who Makes It?

A comic book requires a colorist, a letter artist, a writer and many other figures to make the work stand out. This especially works given that the production is in full color.

Manga productions require a much smaller crew. A mangaka is typically around to produce such a work. This person is an author and illustrator alike. Sometimes people have to be trained to work as mangakas for specific series so it becomes easier for them to know how to produce good comics and to keep the appearance of a story as consistent as possible.



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Stan Lee

Stanley Martin Lieber, also called Stan Lee is an American comic-book editor, writer, publisher, producer and film executive who was born on 28th December 1922 in New York City. He is 1.8m, that is, 5’11” and is nicknamed “The Man Generalissimo”. He was the executive publisher and vice president of Marvel Comics after being its editor-in-chief.

Early Life and Childhood

Stan Lee was born to Jack Lieber and Cecilia Lieber, who were immigrants from Romanian-born Jewish. Having been competent as a dress cutter, his father worked from inconsistently following the Great Depression. His family lived in a single bedroom apartment as a result of financial difficulties. Stan joined the Dewitt Clinton High School in the Bronx. While studying, he took up small jobs like working as an office boy, writing epitaphs for news services and writing media announcements for the National Tuberculosis Center.

Personal Life

Stan married Joan Boocock Clayton in 1947, and for the initial years of their matrimony, both lived on Long Island. The two had a daughter who died in infancy and currently another daughter called Joan Celia who was born in 1950 and who is now an actress and a model. Stan underwent an operation that aimed at inserting a pacemaker. This led to cancellations of a number of his appearances at different conventions. On 6th July 2017, his wife of nearly 70 years, Joan, died of stroke complications.


As a child, Stan’s life was significantly impacted by watching movies and reading. This was so much so that he dreamt of one-day writing “The Great American Novel”. He was given work after his graduation in 1939 as an office subordinate and later became an interim editor at Timely Comics. Stan was sixteen and half years old at this time and his uncle, Robbie Solomon, helped him land this job. It was during this job when he was named Stan Lee, a pseudonym, which sooner or later became his name legally.

Key Works

Stan is an admired creator for the comic-books. Stan’s most famous work is said to be the creation of superheroes team ‘The Fantastic Four’ with his partner Jack Kirby in the early 1960s. This led to his breakthrough which was accelerated when he co-launched superheroes such as; X-Men, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man for Marvel Comics, formerly known as Timely Comics. Stan consequently steered to the growth of Marvel Comics from a division that was a small publishing house to a huge multimedia organization. After his innovation contribution to the comic’s world, he has won awards comprising of Hollywood Walk of Fame, Scream Awards, Producers Guild of America, Saturn Awards, Visual Effects Society Awards, and National Media of Arts. Stan follows writers like Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Arthur Conan Doyle and Mark Twain. In addition to this, he is a fan of Bruce Lee films.

Recently, Stan has persistently tried to seize his past glories. He has been coming up with a new line of publishing, Stan Lee’s Kids Universe, which focuses on the production of comics and it aims at the younger viewers. Despite most of his efforts collapsing amidst lawsuits and dodgy headlines, he has also written his autobiography and sponsored the Los Angeles Comikaze Expo. Stan Lee is the only actor to have appeared in all Marvel Cinematic Universe Films.



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What should you know about collecting comics?

Part of the popularity of comic books comes from the fact that they are a great reminder of carefree childhood days when you could have a good laugh at the simplest of jokes. They are also much loved owing to the underlying cryptic messages that they send across while being laced with humor on the outside. Add to that the art involved in these deeply influential works and you have got a product that finds a special place in many a heart. Besides, there can be a financial aspect to this hobby too. We will look into that later in this article.
The hunting grounds
If you are an enthusiastic collector of comic books, you will have realized that building a good comic collection is possible only if you know the right sources to find them. One of the best places to find even the rarest of books is at comic conventions. Besides, that is where you get the meet fellow enthusiasts and catch up on the latest in the comic books world; information that can prove invaluable. Other than conventions, yard sales, and used book stores can also be extremely cost-effective sources for collectible comic books. What is useless garbage for other people could be gold for you? Apart from all of these, one of the best sources is the Internet itself. There are always people clearing away old stuff and giving them away in online auctions on popular sites such as eBay. Just hanging around these places might get you some nice additions to your collection.
You can also search online for comic books forums and message boards. Following the discussions, there will give you more ideas. Some forums even have dedicated sections for trading where you could buy, sell or trade your comic books.
Caring for the collection comic book
Just having the best comic book collection in town is surely not enough. The value of a collection increases many times if it is properly maintained and kept in mint condition. To ensure this, folding the pages or flipping through them too roughly is a big no-no as this can easily lead to the pages crumpling or curling up. The utilization of a Mylar Sleeve is additionally especially prescribed with regards to putting away of your comic book gathering. It averts dampness achieving the books which are vital. There are exceptional comic book encloses accessible which these books ought to be in a perfect world put away.Remember that the resale value of a comic book collection depends largely on the condition as also the rarity.
Selling your collection
Sometimes, you might have to consider selling off a part of your collection to raise funds for further additions or because they are redundant. Some even sell them off since complete collections can fetch a lot of money from other avid collectors. In such cases, you might consider looking for buyers at the same places where you sought to buy them. Prices for comic books rise with age and there are always keen buyers out there. Complete collections will fetch a lot more than random individual comics.
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Wonder Woman

So I thought I would start with the movie based on a comic book that has gotten the most attention lately, at least in my part of the world.

Wonder Woman, Diana, princess of the Amazons was trained as a warrior. After she hears of all the destruction going on in the world from an American pilot who crashed on the island she is from, Diana leaves the island convinced that she can save the world.  Check out the preview for this awesome movie below!